Genf20 Plus – HGH Releaser and Growth Hormone Supplements!


Everything feels just so perfect when we are young. From a great physical health to a more stabilized emotional health, we have everything to cherish and feel proud about.

However it’s depressing how the blessings we have in our younger years begin to fade and we feel no control to stop or at least slow down this insufferable loss.

At first, we notice a decline in our physical strength and sex drive. Our cognitive skills that would once keep us apart start becoming weak. The worst out of all is our youthful appeal disappearing gradually and we see the development of wrinkles, dark circles and fine lines becoming increasingly evident.

But that’s not all the cost we bear for our old age. There is more to it, things more extreme, changes more upsetting and damages more unbearable!

What is GenF20 Plus and what information do you need to know about this top HGH releaser, let us help you learn:


Primarily, GenF20 Plus is an anti-aging supplement encouraging some extremely positive changes through the secretion of two powerful hormones, human growth hormone and IGF-1.

Genf20 Plus

It is a promising brand that has set the standards higher for other companies coming up with similar products.

GenF20 Plus is based on some potent peptides, herbs and amino acids that strengthen your body’s ability to stabilize the demand of HGH with its supply.

For that, these ingredients enhance the efficiency of pituitary gland that has naturally become weaker and weaker with the passage of time.

Some promising qualities associated with the purchase of GenF20 Plus are:

  • It is a human growth hormone releaser by Leading Edge Health that is one of the most trustworthy Canadian companies dealing in dietary supplements
  • GenF20 Plus introduces pills and spray to work in harmony and aid the balancing of HGH in the body
  • The pills and spray feature some medically tested ingredients proven for facilitating the growth of HGH
  • It has the backing of some specialized physicians that endorse and recommend the regular use of Genf20 Plus to their aged patients
  • Dr. Steven Lamm, a US based specialized doctor support GenF20 Plus and its use for a quality living
  • GenF20 Plus is a recipe that pays a larger focus on the cognitive and physical health of users
  • With GTF, L-Glutamine, L-Tyrosine, L-Arginine and L-Ornithine on board, the Dr-endorsed kit promises to elevate IGF-1 by 28% in 12 weeks
  • IGF-1 limits body fat, heightens up energy levels, supports muscle growth and promotes a lot more ‘youthful’ changes
  •  GenF20 Plus is safe and its purchase requires no prescription
  • It  has 60 Days Money Refund


The significance of Human Growth Hormone/ Somatotropin can be judged by the fact that the pituitary gland makes HGH in abundance when the body is young but produces very less when the body turns old.

In addition to having a major contribution in our physical health, human growth hormone:

  1. Adds to your muscle strength and mass
  2. Protects bones and speeds up their healing
  3. Keeps your weight healthy and under control
  4. Lower your chances to develop cardiovascular disease
  5. Helps with good erectile health and performance
  6. Fights obesity
  7. Enhances mood, focus and ability to learn
  8. Promotes sleep

Generally, the production of Human Growth Hormone weakens as a result of aging but there are many other problems that lead to its drop in young adults too.

When HGH drops, you tend to notice the following signs:

  1. Excessive body fats
  2. Emotional instability/ depression
  3. Poor sex drive
  4. Constant tiredness
  5. Reduction in muscle mass
  6. Drop in strength and energy
  7. Weak bones
  8. High total cholesterol


Poor human growth hormones call for an approach that is not just simple and natural, but is great in easing and reversing the damage to a major level.

The approach we are referring to and is extremely useful for you is called the Human Growth Hormone Releaser.

HGH releasers are formulas that generate an environment in which the body is naturally encouraged to release healthy amount of human growth hormones.

But that does not go for all HGH releasers!

There are many HGH pills that are just not acceptable on the grounds of quality and safety. Even if these manage to raise your hormones and reverse some signs of aging, their long term use will make you regret your choice.

An HGH releaser we vouch for is GENF20 Plus. This is an anti-aging supplement that synonyms with quality and fulfills the promise to re-introduce you to a quality living with safety.


Peptide, minerals, herbs and a whole bunch of amino acids enhance the level of HGH and IGF-1 produced by our pituitary gland and liver.

HGH Releaser for men and women

With the increase in these two strong hormones, you begin to notice the following changes:

1) A stronger immune system

It’s sad how our immune system weakens with age and makes us prone to infections and diseases led by microorganisms. However, when there are an abundance of hormones to reinforce the immune system, you get to live a pretty healthy life.

2) Boost energy and strength

Our body is full of energy, power and stamina when we are young. But as we progress to a mature age, our mobility becomes restricted because of the drop in strength. Things tend to worsen gradually and we become more and more dependent on others.

Luckily, HGH keeps your energy and physical power balanced. Hence, challenges that would leave you feeling exhausted and tired in your general life or gym would now make you feel thrilled and excited as you are in a position to perform them effortlessly or add to your workout capacity in other case.

3) Speeding metabolic activities

They say forget about fitness in an old age and that’s because the metabolic activities turn sluggish after hitting the thirties. Thankfully, if you keep a check on your hormone levels, especially HGH and IGF-1, you can ensure fitness throughout your life. Human growth hormone paces metabolism while IGF-1 allows the transfer of fat into energy.

4) Maintaining healthy weight

Obesity feels more stubborn and unresponsive once you reach a certain age but if your body’s ability to produce essential hormones is kept maintained, you can reduce and manage weight any age.

6) Enhance skin quality and appeal

 Who does not want perpetual youth? However, skin loses its elasticity and begins to sag by the time you step into your forties. Essentially, research suggests that human growth hormone enhances the quality of skin. As a matter of fact, it is believed that the hormone can remove decades as far as the appearance and looks are concerned.

7) Makes you feel younger

They say age is just a number and we cannot agree more! If you feel young , energetic and full of life, it does not matter what the digits add up to!

Human growth hormone enhances psychological functioning and emotional health and that affect the way you feel from the inside. It boosts mood, promotes quality sleep, improves mental clarity and keeps you feel positive about the surroundings.

8) Increase cognitive performance

Now this is nothing but a blessing that we lose with time. The way we learn things and perform in our twenties will never be the same in our fifties unless we take measures for HGH. Human growth hormone assists healthy cognitive functioning that is essential for our growth in every stage of life.

9) Strengthen bones

Bones lose density and become brittle with age and this is the reason why we see aged adults making frequent visits to the orthopedic doctors than the young. Interestingly, Human Growth Hormones protect bones and enhance their quality to a point they can stand minor accidents and falls.

10) Boost muscle mass

Just as bone density, you lose muscle mass and begin to gain fat which is just not good for our overall health. Now since we’ve discussed that HGH eliminates excess fat through the rev in metabolism, it is essential to know that the hormone also protects and assists the growth of quality muscle mass.

It is because of the hormones ability to shield and contribute to lean mass, HGH supplements are also taken by mass gainers and athletes willing to gain strength.

11) Lift libido

Male infertility and poor libido are other depressing signs developed in the early forties that become more of a concern when you face emotional backlash from those you love. This is natural and luckily, preventable. HGH improves male fertility and can keep your sex drive up and high like you had in your younger years.

Now these were some known benefits you needed to know but there are many more positive changes that are also followed by the increase in HGH and IGF-1.

For now, let us move to the ingredients of GenF20 Plus and learn how vastly these can help with the raise in these two valuable hormones called the human growth hormone and Insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1).


We have already mentioned that GenF20 Plus is more like a kit based on two important agents, a dietary supplement comprising of pills and an oral spray based on the qualities of Alpha GPC.

Genf20 Plus Pills and Spray Ingredients

However, keep in mind that both these components that add up to GenF20 Plus deliver quality that has been guaranteed through their medically tested, natural ingredients.

  • GTF chromium
    It maintains the blood glucose levels so that the making of Human Growth Hormone can be duly encouraged. In addition, the mineral also controls your thirst for sugary foods while revving metabolism for the efficient utilization of unneeded fats through energy. [1]
  • L Arginine
    The powerhouse of this dietary supplement, the amino acid adds to your physical health and performance while keeping you protected from several health problems that come uninvited with age.
  • L Tyrosine
    It contributes to the making of a hormone called Thyroxine that is found to support the fortification of bones, healthy metabolic activities and smooth performance of the digestive system and heart. [2]
  • Deer Antler Velvet
    It supplies IGF-1 to your body that triggers a plethora of positive changes for you. Not only the hormone boosts anabolic qualities but it is also good for your physical health that attracts several problems when IGF-1 drops.
  • Colostrum
    This very unique but highly powerful agent has been added to decelerate aging and reinforce your immune system and its activities. This first form of milk also paces the healing process and enhances the quality of bones and muscles.
  • GABA
    GABA enhances your mood and eases stress and anxiety. Besides, the effects of GABA further extend in torching excess body fats, supporting muscle growth and regularizing blood pressure.
  • L Ornithine
    Together with other amino acids like arginine, glutamine, and lysine, the amino acid turns your body into an HGH producing machine.
  • L-Glutamine
    It protects muscles that waste due to any reason for example aging or while you are struggling to shed fat. The effects of A-amino acid are further found to add to the immune health and enhance focus.[3]


There is no complicated science behind the mechanism of GenF20 Plus. As a matter of fact, it is very simple to understand how this HGH releaser actually works.

Essentially, it includes a powerful set of some extremely effective amino acids like Ornithine, glutamine, lysine and arginine that are studied and regarded as a powerhouse of releasing Human Growth Hormone in the body.

Now it is often confused that the set of these four ingredients act as an external source to provide your body with HGH and balance the shortage.

However, it is essential to mention that the amino acids, when added together to work in harmony facilitate the pituitary gland to produce and secrete its very natural HGH at an optimal pace.

Thus, there is nothing artificial about GenF20 Plus, neither its ingredients nor its mechanism.


The pros coupled with GenF20 Plus are:

  • Positive changes are guaranteed for people who take regular dosages
  • A number of practicing and certified doctors chose to support and encourage its use
  • It works to boost the natural secretion of HGH and promote an enhanced physical, mental and emotional wellbeing
  • It is based on thoroughly tested, premium ingredients
  • The use is completely safe for short and extended period
  • It is easy to use and order with no prescription involved
  • There is 60 Days Money Back guarantee

The cons associated with GenF20 Plus are:

  • Considering the yearly expense, the program is a heavy on pocket but that is the price you get to pay for quality and research that led to such a relief
  • You need to be punctual with your dosages and a bit patient before you could see the optimal difference in around three months of use


The product brings you a dietary supplement and an oral spray. To understand their dosing and correct use, let us detail about each below:

1) Dietary Supplement (Capsules)

At first, there are capsules to begin with. Interestingly, the ingredients in these capsules are coated in an enteric layer that is designed to protect the interaction of harsh stomach acids that can reduce their efficiency before absorption. 

The set dosage for the dietary supplement is 4 capsules every day. Now break the dosage into two halves and take 1 with breakfast and other with dinner. That is two pills in the morning and two pills at night.

2) Oral Spray

Oral Spray possesses the qualities of Alpha GPC, a cholinergic compound that takes your HGH producing capacity to a whole ‘healthy’ level.

Unlike other Human Growth Hormone Supplements, GenF20 Plus bears more power as its efficiency is smartly enhanced through the incorporation of this oral spray that is quite easy to use.

All you need to do is spray it for 2-3 times right underneath your tongue. Similar to the dietary supplement, it is advised to use twice in a day and preferably after taking the pills.


 Now since you’ve decided to make a right investment, we suggest you to visit the official website of GenF20 Plus for more details about the product, clinical studies and physicians backing its claims.

Besides, there is nothing doubtful about the legitimacy of a formula that has been ordered directly from the manufacturers.

You are further assured discounts, money back guarantee and a lot more which you may miss otherwise.

The current packages and deals on GenF20 Plus are:

  • 1 Month for $82.99
  • 2 Months for $159.99
  • 3 Months for $220.99
  • 4 Months for $287.99
  • 5 Months for $349.99
  • 6 Months for $399.99


Old age is not the end of the world for anyone, but a new beginning, a fresh start to the life.

Yes, it does lack the zest and enthusiasm we had in our younger years, but life is beautiful in all possible stages we are blessed to enjoy.

Besides, if we take our hormone levels seriously and take measures to keep their healthy balance, things are guaranteed to run smoothly for as long as we survive!


Q1: Are HGH pills as effective as HGH injections?

Definitely! If you take your dosages regularly, chances are that this oral approach for increasing HGH levels will turn more effective than the intravenous way of adding HGH.

Essentially, it has been found that the safest way to reap the benefits linked with HGH is by allowing your body to create and secrete its natural hormones instead of relying on artificial ones. In other cases when artificial human growth hormones are elevated through aggressive approach like injections, chances are that you get to handle complications right after.

Besides, this method is budget friendly and pain free for all of the users.

Q2: Do I need to consult a doctor before?

Not necessarily neither do you need a prescription to order any HGH releaser including GenF20 Plus. However, if you have any serious medical problem and are advised to take certain pills that may be strong in nature, we suggest you have a word to discuss the possibility of drug interaction in such a case.

Q3: Is GenF20 Plus approved by FDA?

The intravenous approach to increase HGH is a bit controversial as it involves the boost in HGH through artificial hormones but since human growth hormone releasers like GenF20 Plus deliver no artificial hormones and are based on the natural approach to add to its level, their use is accepted and suggested normal. It is for this reason, HGH releasers do not need prescription or any sort of medical approval ahead of purchase.

Plus, as per Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994, Food and Drug Administration supports the consumption of anti-aging supplement like this.

Q4: Is GenF20 Plus only for aged adults?

 GenF20 Plus is purposely created to overcome the deficiency of Human Growth Hormone in the body. Now this deficiency can be lead by any XYZ reason, the most apparent and common of which is aging.

However since HGH can also drop due to excessive stress, depression, depriving yourself from healthy foods, sedentary lifestyle and so, GenF20 Plus can be considered a great assistance for any of these cases too.

So yes, it is majorly sought by aged adults but is equally gainful for anyone struggling with the signs of poor HGH.

Q5: Is it legal to use HGH releasers?

Absolutely! There is no such question that can be raised pertaining to the legality of using HGH boosters. Plus, there is no crime you are likely to commit when you order any of the brands you wish to help you with your HGH deficiency including GenF20 Plus.

Yes, if you wish to seek artificial hormones and find ways to inject yourself, chances are that you will land yourself in some legal troubles you could have avoided in the first place.

Q6: Can children use HGH releasers?

We do not encourage the use of HGH releasers for children as this is more like a health concern that needs medical intervention for proper dealing. In general cases, you do not need any support for the boost in HGH in your younger years, or say until you are in your twenties, however, if you feel the need for HGH in your teenage years or less, we suggest you consult your doctor so that things can be professionally assessed.  

Q7: What are the side effects of GenF20 Plus?

It seems the manufacturers of GenF20 Plus are extra focused on the safety factor and hence provided every bit of detail needed to assure that their product is free from harm. 

As per them, their product is safely used by innumerable amount of people across the world that are gaining maximum advantage from it and hence leading a healthy life.

Unless you have any sorts of allergies or medical conditions that may not accept the ingredients of GenF20 Plus, you can safely use it for as long as you want.

To further assert the company’s priority on quality and safety, it has claimed to:

  • Possess cGMP compliance certificate
  • Provide Certificates of Analysis that will testify the value of all the agents used in the manufacturing
  • Asses the purity of its materials ahead of manufacturing

Q8: Can I stack GenF20 Plus with other dietary supplement?

While there isn’t a need to create any sort of combination or stack to enhance the effects of GenF20 Plus, we doubt the practice generating any negative effects.

Essentially, the product is good enough to provide all that you may be seeking in a quality anti-aging supplement, yet, if you feel the need to take it along with any other medicines, supplement or formula, we suggest you to seek professional advice from a doctor.

Q9: Are the effects of GenF20 Plus lasting?

No dietary supplement including GenF20 promise permanent results. Remember, the process of aging can be hold back to a great degree but it is inescapable. Days or even weeks after you discontinue the use of GenF20 Plus, chances are that your body’s efficiency to secrete HGH will resume to its old capacity.

But the good thing is that there is no time limit set to discontinue its use. You can safely use Genf20 Plus for as long as you want and acquire the benefits of it pretty much happily!

Q10: Where can i purchase Genf20 Plus online?

There are many online stores like Amazon, GNC, Walmart, CVS and etc that is selling Genf20 plus, checkout this page for more information.

Q11: What if I am not satisfied with the results of GenF20 Plus?

In such an instance, you can claim your price within 60 Days. Even though, the company will seek the two empty kits you have used during the entire time, you will only be entitled to the price of these kits and not the shipment cost you have paid for the delivery.

Q12: How can I save more and more on my purchase?

You can save more when you purchase more. You can see below packages to save directly from official website!

For example:

1 Month$99.98$82.99$16.99
2 Months$199.96$159.99$39.97
3 Months$299.94$220.99$78.95
4 Months$399.92$287.99$111.93
5 Months$499.90$349.99$150.00
6 Months$599.88$399.99$199.89
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