How to Get a Six Pack- A Complete Guide

In the world around us there are very few people who are out of shape and still happy about themselves.

Many times it becomes related with self esteem and confidence issues, if not it might make one envious of their leaner fellows.

Nothing to be worry about now, here is a complete guide on how to achieve your transformation goals or more precisely your six pack goals as every field have some privileges to be achieved when joined, so field of fitness have six packs.

Just as joining Harvard for studies is a thing of pride for a nerd, six packs are same for an abs lover. 

As summer is just around the corner, for a beach ready body one should buckle up now.

For a healthier, stronger and trimmed body you should start working in all directions.

Taking care of certain factors is essential which incorporates:

  1. Diet
  2. A workout routine.
  3. A supplement (in extreme cases).

1. Diet and Nutrition

One should put their diet under the limelight at first as we are what we eat.

how to get six pack abs faster

You will surely feel real positive changes and an amp-up in your mood just after changing eating habits.

In general there are some rules you should start to follow on:

  • Lowering down the carbohydrate intake in your diet. Do not stop taking carbs in an instant.
  • Cut down refined sugar, overcome your sweet tooth (if you have one).
  • Increase vegetable intake to fill up your calorie needs.
  • Take plenty of protein in your diet.
  • Make sure there is lesser fat in your food, eat things which are seared, baked or steamed instead of deep fried.
  • Divide your meals in smaller portions and eat them 5 to 6 times a day, avoid having big meals 1 to 2 times a day.
  • Avoid sodas and sugary drinks.

2. Workout Routine

It’s now the time when you have to make real effort, managing time for your workout in between your busy schedule as well as following the tough gym routine.

ripped bodyFor this part you need a gym trainer who will guide you with respect to your needs, such as  some have big bellies to work on others might have bigger buttocks to cope up with and different workout routine is need to rise above all of it.

But a pre known fact for six packs is you have to get leaner and not only work on your abs is requisite you also have to build an upper body to gave you a complete look which counts in biceps and triceps workout,  structure your chest muscles along side with abs workout.

Now you have to be the turtle to win the race means slow and steady when you have started a regular gym work out just be firm to see the desired outcome.

General Body Workouts For Abs

Exercises in general which involves getting up from a hard surface without any use of hands instantly contract and relax your abs muscles which burn the fat around them.

Few  workouts for sculpting your muscles consist of:

  • Plank: It’s a real simple exercise holding your whole body weight on your elbows and toes, keeping your forearms on ground. Its best counted for toning whole body muscles reducing the flabbiness.
  • Side planks: In this, one holds their whole body weight on one elbow and side of one foot.
  • Bicycle exercise: Lie straight on mat hold your head up with help of your hands and starting moving your legs in air as you are pedaling on a cycle and try to touch your right hand elbow to your left knee and vice versa for other feet, try to keep your back straight.
  • Seated leg tucks: Sit on a bench lean yourself backwards at 45 degree grab a support straight out your legs in air, try to squeeze yourself by moving knees and chest inwards pause for a second, return back to start position and repeat.
  • Hanging knee raises: Hang yourself with the help of hands on to a rod and try to move your knees upwards return to start position and repeat.
  • Cable crunches: Hang a rope over your head on a pulley,  hold the sides of rope in both your hands and bend yourself downwards return back to starting position and repeat.
  • Diagonal wheel rollouts: At first kneel down on ground take an ab wheel and roll it away from you in your right side while keeping your knees at place holds for a second and return back to original position. Do the same on both sides.

Common mistakes by workout beginners

Body workout can be misunderstood by lads, which can results in wastage of whole lot of time and painful endings.

mistakes to avoid during workouts

1. Choose the right workout routine:

Contact a trainer or a fitness instructor and ask for a routine guideline and initially try to work out under their supervision, so that they can highlight if there are any flaws in your workout routine.

Otherwise it could be, that you are giving dedication and time in a wrong direction while in a need to turn right.

2. Separated work out for each muscle:

Working each muscle at a time will prolong the duration of getting results out of your workout, select such types of exercises which burns fat more, make muscles leaner and involves moving two parts of body at a time,

3. Over time at gym:

You will be guided by your instructor about the time duration of your work out which initially started from shorter duration then get to longer spans and then stabilizes on a constant time.

The main aim behind exercise is to energize yourself, moving each muscle of your body and end up burning calories, boosting your metabolism and increasing body temperature which all helps in losing weight.

Whereas over doing exercise instead of burning up fat and result in breaking up your muscles and leaving you all tired and exhausted.

4. Same workout for whole week:

A workout routine came up with a number of different exercises to be repeated 3-4 times a week to shape out whole body.

Doing same work out again and again might be an unwise decision it doesn’t results in a whole body transformation.

3. Supplements

Supplements are not just a wastage they really do work in various ways but one must be aware of the ingredients it has to be a safe side to avoid steroids and any allergic reactions.

six pack abs for women

Why to avoid steroids?

Steroids are drug which mimic your body hormones, but it has more cons than pros. It works but you have to put a lot at stake for some body mass.

The most common cons are:

  • Low immunity.
  • Thinning of bones.
  • Psychological damages.
  • Concealed working of hormonal glands.
  • Thin skin.
  • Slower healing process.
  • Increase in body fat majorly in neck, back and facial muscle.

How to choose a supplement?

In the market piled up with number of supplements available it’s really difficult to choose one.

Each one claims good results. Here are some basics to look into your supplements before selecting them:

1. Check protein in it:

Protein helps in abs building so much a good intake of protein is highly suggested to increase muscle mass on the body.

2. Metabolism enhancers:

Supplements with metabolism enhancer must be a choice for abs lovers, it will burn fat as well as increase potential of working out more.

3. HGH producers:

Look out for the supplements with HGH (human growth hormone) producers. HGH has miraculous benefits and related with anti aging properties as well as amp-up the whole body metabolism.

4. Thyroid stimulator:

Supplements which stimulates hormonal glands to produce such hormones, which will boost up your potential and also gave you relaxing effects.

These all are the considering things before selecting a supplement.

As per above described properties the only supplement which falls on all requirement its none other than Genf20 plus which is safe, 100% natural and proven to be effective

A brief about Genf20 plus

It’s a supplement by well-known manufacturers named leading life health a USA based company.

The product is proven to be helpful and there are even testimonials of this regenerative supplement helping in increasing muscle mass.

Other factors which make it # 1 to be selected are:

  • HGH supplements

    Improving overall body health.

  • Assists in increasing strength.
  • It helps in increasing muscle mass only, not the fats.
  • It builds up a stronger immunity.
  • Enhances the libido.
  • Acts as anti aging.
  • Increasing metabolism.
  • Improves over all bones and muscles health too.
  • No side effects reported.

In end, nothing is impossible in life if you are enough passionate about it.

A change in your life style can surely help you get your fitness goals, but if you still find it difficult to achieve a good supplement like Genf20 plus might help you pursue the body you have been dreaming about naturally.

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